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Our Founder

Jessica Fuentes is the founder of Empowered-Selflove.  She is a Puertorrican/American, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from the Florida International University (FIU).  Professionally she has experience in Management, Accounting, and Finance as well as experience in the Life Insurance market.  For over fifteen years she has been managing and administering a Reinsurance Office in Florida and had to work along with the HR, IT, Treasury, and Legal Departments in order to ensure proper functioning and compliance of various regulations in the USA and in every country the company does business.  

As a single mother, she was responsible for raising, her now adult, daughter who was diagnosed with attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) when she was 5 years old.  She also had to deal with all her responsibilities (Full time job and Full time studies) along with her Depression and Anxiety; which were not diagnosed but she knew she had.  She was inspired by her own life experiences when she created Empowered-Selflove.  For many years she felt like everyone else was better than her in every aspect of her life (spiritually, professionally, and personally).  Even though others would see her as a very strong, brave, and successful woman; this lack of self-worth was something that she was constantly feeding her mind with and couldn’t see her own worth as others did.  Until she had enough!  After much suffering, a divorce, and many failures and mistakes… she hit bottom!  Now she was in charge of 2 children (11 years apart in age), single, depressed, and frustrated with life.  The one thing she was cleared of was that giving up was NOT an option!

It was time for a rebirth.  It was time to heal and let go.  This was the best decision she made for herself and was what inspired her to create the Facebook and Instagram pages empowered.selflove, in which she started posting many Inspirational Quotes.  Quotes that would reflect her growth, her healing, and her empowering process; by learning to love herself, she then realized her worth and value.  Thinking of her own experience, she thought it was time to help others find their way.  It was time to show others, there’s still hope and that everyone has a purpose in this life.


"The best way to empower yourself is by loving yourself.  When you love yourself and understand your worth, you also find your purpose in life…and there are no limits from that point on!"

~Jessica Fuentes~

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