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The good things in life, the ones we get to appreciate the most…take time! Only time can give us healing. Only time can give us enough experiences to learn and to grow. Only time can give us understanding. Time can give us the success we have been working on. Some things in life will only come to us after being patient… it is only a matter of time. Time will always give us the answers we are looking for. Time is necessary for everything that we do, even from the simplest thing like cooking a meal to other more complicated ones as becoming a doctor.

The message here is that time is necessary and important. We cannot skip it! We shouldn’t get desperate about waiting. If you have not found the partner you visualized of having at your current age, it is OK. Let time take care of it. Has it even crossed your mind that the person who is meant to be with you also needs time? Time to heal, time to learn, time to grow, time to reach certain goals before meeting you or before being ready to be in a committed relationship.

The same goes for those who are working on developing their businesses. You don’t build a business from one day to the other. It requires planning, dedication, hard work, sacrifices…and TIME! How about those who wait for the next Marvel movie to come out? (I am one of them!) Well, guess what…it takes time! If you want quality in anything that you wish to have, you need to dedicate time to it.

Sometimes I get frustrated because my plans don’t go accordingly as I planned them, however, everything I have accomplished required time. Things don’t happen just by wishful thinking! We need to work on them! It has taken me time to grow professionally, and I still need to continue to grow…which means…MORE TIME! More waiting… It took me over 7 years to have the credit score I currently have. It took me about 15-16 years to be in the financial situation that I am currently at (and I aspire to be in a completely different one in the next 5 years). It required time AND sacrifice! Acquiring my bachelor’s degree actually took me 7 years! Why? Not because I was lazy, but because I dropped out after 3 years (with 85 credits), and when I decided to retake where I had left off (almost 7 years after), I had to start from scratch! That meant it took me the entire 4 years, from that point, to acquire that degree. But…I did it and I feel proud of my accomplishment. I finish at the right time for ME, because it is not about the time that society establishes; it is about the time when WE are ready to do whatever it is we wish to do.

Everyone’s time is different. We should not be so judgmental of someone else’s progress. Some take longer to complete a degree. Some don’t even complete the degree but become successful entrepreneurs. Some take longer in overcoming their losses. Others take longer in deciding whether to leave the job or to buy the house or to plan their financial future. Your time is yours.

In time I have learned that the most valuable things are the ones we get to work hard on acquiring. So let time work for you. Don’t get frustrated. Remember that a baby can barely move when they are born and with time, they become people like you and me. So don’t despair! Be patient…and enjoy the journey at your own pace. Live the NOW at your fullest and let time take care of tomorrow.



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