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Many times, I have heard the phrase “the only thing certain in life is change”. We are constantly changing. Things around us are constantly changing. Circumstances can also change from one day to the next. If change is so certain then why is it that we insist on rejecting change around us?

Professionally speaking, many companies are changing. Who would have thought that from being required to be present everyday from 8am to 5pm, now many people are able to accomplish the same duties and responsibilities remotely? Circumstances changed and the work force also changed. If companies didn’t change their approach towards their employees, they would have lost a lot of money due to lack of production or even gone broke. Likewise, if companies didn’t change the requirements from its employees, many people would have lost their jobs; even more than the people who lost their jobs during the pandemic. Think about it! How many companies function the same as they did 20 years ago? Change was inevitable. Change was necessary. In order to grow, companies need to adjust and that requires change. Some changes will turn out to be good, and others not so good, but it is part of the risks of growing and innovating.

Relationships also change. They evolution. This is normal. It needs to happen. Why? Because us as human beings are constantly changing, growing, and learning. If people don’t understand this, then they will see it as if the relationship is failing because the other person has changed. One thing is to stop loving a person (or better said, to realize that you were not actually in love with that person), and another thing is to change within the relationship. Changes on likes, believes, routines, jobs, locations, goals; the list can be endless, but these changes are normal. By understanding that change is a constant in life, you will be able to understand better the changes you see inside your relationships as well as the changes you notice on the people you interact with. Of course, there are also negative changes on people’s behavior, and these should never be accepted, because one thing is being open minded as to understand your partner’s growth and another different one is accepting an abusive behavior.

Now, if you notice that someone is not changing throughout their life, it means that the person is not growing, which is sad. Being stuck is not good. Everyone of us need to grow and progress, otherwise you will be left behind in EVERY area of your life. Look at how the use of the internet progressed in 10 years, how phones have changed, how companies that were at their top are now non-existent. Change and progress is constant, and it is important to have the capacity to adapt to the changes that surround us and not resist because resisting could jeopardize your future. There will always be advantages and disadvantages when it comes to change, but mind you, I am focusing on the positive changes and the importance of those in our lives. This one could be a tricky because some good changes could be good and bad at the same time. Look at the amazing portable minicomputer/phone/camera/video camera/editor/music player/movie player... that you carry around in your hands. Isn’t that amazing? How phones have progressed! But this amazing artifact can also make you addictive and as a result you can lose sight of the people who are actually next to you. Using that example, take advantage of the positive changes, but never lose sight of the things that matters the most…the people that you love and that loves you.

Have you been avoiding change? Have you been running away from it? Adaptation is key in our growth as humans and even the growth of our souls. The good thing about change is that you chose the areas in which you want to improve. Nobody can impose how you need to change (except maybe for technology). Never lose your integrity or your character either to fit in. Change is an internal thing. It is a decision. Without losing your essence, make the changes you consider necessary in your life that will enhance your character and that will actually bring out the best version of yourself.



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