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Do What Is Best For You

Have you ever felt frustrated, down, or disappointed? I think we all have felt this way…it is part of life. However, during times of difficulty it is when we need to pay attention to EVERYTHING because this is the time to learn and to grow. Even though we feel broken and without the desire to do anything; it is THERE that we need to grab ourselves up and do what is best for us!

Disappointment is part of life. Nobody will escape that feeling; no matter if you are successful or have money or have the “perfect life” in the eyes of everyone else. Disappointment will strike you and it usually does it unexpectedly. However, that is the time to build yourself…to build your character, to become stronger, and to work on your self-improvement and self-love. You know those times. Those moments when you just want to give up…and think to yourself: “It is not worth it!”. But guess what? It is always worth it! This is the time to get up, show up, and give your best! The pay off will be worth it, even though you cannot see it right now.

It is during difficulty when we must work on the things that are for our best. Becoming stronger requires growth and sometimes growth is painful. Or do you think that the people who have lost a lot of weigh didn’t endure frustration, deception, or pain? Well…I bet you it was VERY hard for them! But now that they look at themselves in the mirror, they realize the importance of not giving up on themselves. They can enjoy better health, but mostly they get to enjoy their achievement! I can only imagine their thoughts now… “It was all worth it!”. They can feel proud of their hard work and their accomplishment; they now get to value the process, the pain, and the sacrifice. The same goes for those people who struggle with their education…it requires time, sacrifice, nights without sleep in order to acquire a diploma… Oh! But it feels so good when you reach your goal! Whichever that goal may be, you need to endure difficulties, sometimes even pain…but the feeling of accomplishment will be all worth it at the end.

As the saying goes “it is not the destination…it is the journey”. Yes! I agree that sometimes the journey is overwhelming, it can be sad, frustrating, stressful, and even depressing…but later, everything will make sense and will pay off! Always place yourself on the top of your priorities and always do what is best for you; even when you don’t feel like doing anything. This applies in every aspect of your life: professionally, personally, financially, physically, emotionally, etc. Do a little today, do a little bit more tomorrow…do a little bit more the next day. Take one day to rest and keep advancing. Little by little. It is your journey. Take your time, but don’t sit without doing anything about your progress. It is not about advancing fast; it is just about not giving up and doing what you know is best for you.



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