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Finding Purpose

We are taught that we need to follow society’s standards in order to fit in and be accepted. However, sometimes what some consider to be the best standards are not always the best fit for others. There is not a “One Fit All’ when it comes to the things an individual is meant to do or likes to do or wants to explore in its life. Not everyone is meant to get married. Not everyone is meant to become a graduate student. Not everyone is meant to have children. The list is endless. But not because a person decides not to follow the standards of society means that he/she is a bad individual. The beauty of each of us resides in our individuality and that is what makes us unique and special.

We need to start thinking outside of the box. Breaking the social standards. We need to find purpose in our lives and not just follow what society has imposed on us to do for years. I believe we all have a purpose in our lives, and we need to find it! My purpose and your purpose can be completely different and that’s what makes us humans so amazing!

The journey into finding purpose could be quick for some and difficult for others. This is because some might be great at a particular thing and some might be great at various things. For example, I’ve always been good at writing, at math, at organization, and I am also very creative. It has been difficult for me to choose one. I always dreamed of becoming a singer, but life drove me away from that dream. I accepted it and also moved on and away from it. I came to realize that my purpose behind becoming a singer was the wrong one; I envisioned fame and lots of money. However, I am simple person; I really don’t want fame or to have the paparazzi chasing me every step of the way. I even felt stage fright every time I performed in public! As a result, I couldn’t perform at my best. So, I realized that singing was something I loved to do, but in a smaller setting. No need to put on a show. However, not continuing to follow my dream left me empty. Without direction. I just lived life as society expected me to do. You know the drill… Get a degree, get married, have children, work (even if your job has no meaning), pay the bills, cook, clean the house, and do it all over again…. EVERY DAY! I am sorry…but I didn’t come here to live a life that is so robotic. I don’t like to live in autopilot. Maybe it works for you, but I am getting tired of feeling trapped in that routine.

Becoming a mother gave me a sense of responsibility and purpose. Getting my Degree in Business Management seemed like the best move. I love my kids. I am grateful for my job. I like what I do at my job, however, I don’t feel like I am helping anyone; or adding value to society. I do feel like I have done a pretty good job as a mom with my kids (so far), but they will grow, and they will leave. What am I going to do when they leave? If my purpose is to solely dedicate my life and myself to them, I will have a hard time when that time comes. I came to the realization that I can have more than one purpose in my life! Because our purpose can shift and even change as time passes by. Part of my purpose is to raise my children and help them become independent, loving, and successful human beings. Aside of that purpose I also want to develop the areas in which I am good at! Explore. Experience. Learn. Grow. That is basically the process to follow in order to find that purpose in life. If you want to live a life that is meaningful to you, you need to do the things that you love and that makes you happy. It is not about society or the responsibilities we have. It is a personal thing.

I have seen my friends struggle with their jobs. With their work environment. With their coworkers. People seem to be stressed out all the time. Frustrated. Tired. Drained. Even depressed. I bet you that all of this has to do with the fact that there is no enthusiasm in their lives. They feel empty, unhappy, and frustrated. Because society teaches us to live in autopilot. Most of us are feeling this way. Most of us live in autopilot. But how do we stop feeling that way? Because we cannot leave our children or our jobs! We cannot just walk away from our responsibilities! However, we can continue doing everything we HAVE to do, but also find those things we LOVE to do. The answer is to find purpose for yourself. Not for anyone else! For you!

Being able to accomplish that requires time and self-evaluation. You need to get to know yourself really well. Learn and grow from your life experiences. Work on your self-improvement in every area, and then…you will be able to determine what your purpose is. It could take a long time, or it can come to you immediately. The important thing is that you make this your priority and work towards finding meaning in the things you do daily. Once you can determine the things that you love doing, you will find meaning…but you need to start doing them! Even if it is for free in the beginning, but if you feel like you are adding value and meaning to your life and/or the lives of others; then it is the best payment you can acquire!

I felt empty for so long, with my dreams destroyed. Felt like a failure because I felt stuck. But now I have meaning in my life, FOR ME. Being able to write and express myself and touch other people’s lives and perhaps help 1 person into becoming a better version of him/herself, is the best payment I can get. It is priceless! I was able to find purpose in my life, ever since I started writing Quotes in Empowered-Selflove. It has been a journey and there is still a long way to go, but I have grown during this process, and I have become better than who I was 2 years ago. At the end of the day, it is my journey, my purpose, and my personal growth. Your journey, your growth, and your purpose are also for YOU to enjoy. But once you start finding that purpose, life starts to look differently, and you become more appreciative of the daily routines and all the blessings you are surrounded with. Finding your purpose is to find that thing that gives meaning and fills your life with enthusiasm. Like Ken Robinson said in his book Finding Your Element: “Finding your Element is fundamentally about enhancing the balance of your life as a whole”.



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