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We all have goals in our lives, but many of us fail to accomplish them. This either due to lack of focus, lack of resources, lack of self-worth, and lack of support, among many other reasons. Why allow these things to stop us into acquiring our goals? Why do we give up? I have been there…. I’ve given up! Many times, and in different situations. However, it has become an obsession to me, not to allow myself to give up. Not anymore! I might have my setbacks. I might need to start from scratch again, but I won’t fail unless I stop trying.

It is important to establish realistic goals and to create a plan in order to accomplish those goals. You cannot lose 50 pounds in 1 month; that’s an unrealistic goal, but you can accomplish that in 12 months or in 18 months. You cannot acquire a bachelor’s degree in 3 months, but you can in 4 or 5 years. Perhaps you need more time. That’s OK! Make the necessary adjustments to your plan, but don’t give up! That’s the main difference between successful people and those who are not… even though they have setbacks, they never stop trying. Building a business takes time. Becoming an expert in your field also takes time. Even if you are good at an instrument, you need time and practice to become an expert. Therefore, the trick into acquiring our goals is to establish realistic goals in order to get closer and closer to your BIG GOAL. Little wins. Baby steps. Climbing one step of the ladder at a time. Enjoying the process and the ride.

You will fall during the process. You will even fail. Doors will be closed in your face. People will discourage you. People won’t help you because they won’t believe in you. That is all normal and part of the process. It is actually a very important part of the process because without those obstacles, you won’t be able to stretch yourself to learn more, to grow more, to give the extra mile. These obstacles are there to build you up and build your character. Resistance is the necessary ingredient to succeed. A bird cannot fly without the wind’s resistance. Same with us, when there is resistance it is either because certain people fear you will become a threat in their own success process or because there are still things that need improvement in order for them to be functional. Do you know how many trials and failed attempts happened before a plane was able to fly? How much time and money invested? What about the internet? If you don’t remember the time it took to have access to the internet and then the time it took to finally get a search result, then you were probably born passed the 2000’s! Its was super, mega, duper SLOW! Frustrating SLOW! Oh boy! But look at it now! If they would’ve given up, you wouldn’t even be able to read me right now. At least not through your phone.

I encourage you to establish BIG GOALS and make a plan to accomplish little ones that will get you closer to that one BIG GOAL of yours. Fall. Fail. Get up and keep trying. There is always a lesson to be learned throughout the process. Perhaps you need to make adjustments to the “wings” of your goal. Perhaps you need to learn more about the craft you are building. Do it! Continue! Perhaps you need to borrow money and take higher risks. True! But without risks there are also no chances for great success. If you really want to reach your goals, you need to be willing to put on the “failure helmet” and ride your ride. Believe me, when you get there and reach your goal, you will be grateful and mostly proud of yourself. Every step is a necessary along the journey to acquire your goals. The only step that will actually get in your way, is deciding not to continue to move forward. So…DON’T STOP!



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