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Have you ever been judged, or have you judged others? I think we’ve all been judged, AND we have all judged others at some point in life. But why do we do that? I think it is because of our believes, because of the things we have learned, our experiences, and because of the things we have been taught throughout our lives.

I admit it… I have judged others… but mostly I have judged myself. I have judged others because of my limitations, and I have judged myself because I have felt like a disappointment to others, because I have done things that I feel ashamed of, or because I have hurt others; and because of that I am my worst judge. We all do that. We judge others and we mostly judge ourselves. But how can we stop the judging cycle? I think that the only way to do so is by having an open mind and allowing love to be the guide. I know it sounds cheesy…. But think about it...

When we judge we tend to criticize others (and ourselves) due to the limitations of our knowledge and our understanding. However, everyone’s journey in life is unique. We are all here to learn individual lessons. This is why we can be in the same place and we might describe a completely different experience or scene. This happens because we absorb things based on what we need or even based on our limitations. That’s what judging is all about. We critique others due to our believes, our experiences, our way of thinking…. But all those things are limited. Our experiences and believes are not the only ones that exist. We are not gods that know EVERYTHING. We are here to learn lessons. But how can we learn if we block it? How can we learn by judging others? How can we learn if we think we have all the answers? We block new knowledge and our growth by allowing our limitations to control us.

We all act based on our current needs and our believes. That is completely fine. We just need to respect one another and not hurt each other because of our differences in perspectives or believes. Judgment on its own is already a problematic approach but if we act based on that, we might hurt others along the way, and even ourselves. That’s not the point of life! Why hurt others? Why even hurt ourselves?

We are all going to make mistakes in our lives. We are all going to hurt others. We are all humans and therefore we are in a journey to grow into becoming better versions of ourselves. I believe that judging doesn’t allow us to grow…it only limits our growth and capacity of understanding others. But with love…love can only show us endless experiences of growth and will nurture our souls into becoming better and better.

Let love be your guide. Instead of being a judge, be an observer. Try to understand other’s point of view, even if you don’t agree or believe in the other person’s principals or views; you can still learn from them. Try to understand other people’s pain by listening. Try to understand your own pain and behavior, by observing from afar without judgement. When you put love into action, everything can be transformed into a limitless experience of growth because our understanding expands without limitations of believes or our own experiences.

I leave you with a poem I wrote on March 25th, 2015.



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