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Even though sometimes it feels overwhelming, life is constantly presenting us with lessons. We experience situations that are difficult, but these are necessary for our growth, and these build our character. We are constantly learning. We came to this life to learn and to grow our souls. I am a true believer of that concept. Have you ever felt that your experiences are similar among each other, and you wonder why you keep finding yourself in those situations? I have come to realize that we are constantly exposed to similar situations because we need to learn the lesson that the situation is presenting to us. If we don’t learn the lesson, then it will be repeated until we do. This can happen in every aspect of our lives; professionally, with relationships, when our patience is tested…

Professionally speaking you can be experiencing frustration and don’t realize that the frustration you are feeling is actually telling you something, you have to find out why is it that you are frustrated and therefore take action in that regard. You could also be experiencing a professional abuse with a toxic coworker or even a toxic manager. If you find yourself in that situation, and I’m not saying a random moment, but instead a constant behavior, then you need to do something about it. These decisions are not easy, but they are very necessary and eventually liberating; even empowering! The entire process you are experiencing in this aspect of your life, has a lesson you need to learn.

Your patience might be tested sometimes in life. Perhaps you are not much patient and trust me… that is when life will expose you to situations in which you need to keep yourself calm and be patient. It is ironic, but that is the way it works. I mean, it is the only way it makes sense! Otherwise, why be constantly exposed to these situations? So, if patience is what life wants you to learn, you must learn how to breathe and to keep yourself calm in difficult situations. Even when that “idiot” cuts you off on the expressway! Everyone is enduring their own personal situations; you only know your story, not other’s.

If you realize you are constantly finding yourself in relationships in which you tend to tolerate more than what you should, then perhaps the lesson is to learn to value yourself. Some people don’t fall for this, but for those who do, unfortunately, the problem is not the people who disrespect you…the problem is your allowance of the constant disrespect. You can love someone and still establish boundaries and still love yourself over the mistreatment. One thing should never be given without the other. If you don’t do it to others, then why accept it from others? If you find yourself being constantly talked down, disrespected, mistreated, then you have to work on your self-esteem and that is probably your lesson to learn. Not only in romantic relationships but also with family, friends, and professional relationships.

Every experience has a purpose in our lives and therefore, a lesson behind it. You must pay attention and be open to learning. Every day is new day, and you have the opportunity to grow, but in order for you to grow, you need to be willing to do so. Some lessons are more difficult than others, but in the long term, they are to your benefit; no one else’s. Be on the lookout and learn as much as you can.



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