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Not Easy

In life we are presented with many difficulties. Situations in which we have mixed feelings, and we doubt how we should act or what decision we should make. Situations in which you know you deserve better but still insist on idolizing the idea of what you thought it was going to turned out to be. Whether it is leaving a job or stop talking to a toxic person for which you care about or leaving a relationship that is harming you more than making you happy. No BIG decision is easy to make, but it is very necessary to act on it.

You know that the toughest things in life are the ones we get to appreciate the most in the long run. The same will happen when it is time to make that BIG decision for your well-being. The most important person in this world should be yourself. You have to love yourself FIRST, then you can think of loving others. Even Jesus said it: “Love your neighbor as you would love yourself”. Perhaps that is what is really behind the fact that many people are getting hurt by others; because those who hurt others are hurting from within.

Professionally speaking we encounter this situation as well. I have heard many of my friends argue that they are not being appreciated at their jobs. They give their best, but their best is not ”enough” or can be seeing as a threat to their boss, and therefore instead of being appreciated, they get continuously discouraged. The fact that a boss is constantly discouraging its employees shows lack of leadership on the boss’ end, but it goes deeper than that, it also shows lack of security on themselves. Even when you love your job, if appreciation is not given to you, it is best to leave.

When it comes to parenting, sometimes it is necessary to discipline our children for them to understand the value of the things they have. Sometimes they need “tough love” in order to appreciate and learn to respect. There is no need for aggression when it comes to discipline, what needs to be done is to take away benefits. Establish routines. Recognize the good behavior as well as the bad behavior. Taking disciplinary actions earlier in the child’s life will pay off in the long run. At the end of the day, our job as parents is not to be perfect or to raise perfect beings, but instead to raise humans that will serve good to society.

In our love life we also tend to accept many things we shouldn’t. This is because we idolize the idea of what could’ve been. However, if you feel you are the only one trying to keep the boat afloat, it is not worth to continue trying. It is not an easy decision, but it is very much necessary. You can love a person but still, you can live without him/her. Love is not supposed to hurt or to disrespect you. If that is your case, it is time to walk away.

Friends and family can also be difficult to deal with. I am sure we all have that one family member (or maybe various) who is difficult to deal with. That one who is constantly making fun of you or saying harmful things to lower your self-esteem. That one that makes a big deal out of the tiniest thing! Oh boy! You know who that person is. With family it is not always easy, but this is when you get to establish boundaries. You decide when it is enough and when it is time to walk away. In the case of a friend, the same rule applies.

There are so many situations I can continue to list as BIG decisions. Like Like, what to study when going to college, or if you should enroll in Graduate School, or if you should buy a house, or sell your house. If you should start a diet and an exercise routine. If you should start your own business or if you should search for a new job. All BIG decisions are usually difficult to make, and those decisions should also require time to evaluate prior to making them. But once you make a decision, stick with it!



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