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The Unexpected

It has been some difficult couple of days. On Thursday morning I received a phone call from my brother (and for the record: Thursday, June 24th, 2021). He usually doesn’t call, but when he does it is usually to talk about work or some other personal matter at (7:00am). I thought he was calling for the same reasons. Since I had just woke up, I didn’t answer. I thought to myself: “Oh no! Not now brother. I am just waking up!” A minute later he sends me a text saying: “Check the news!”. I grabbed the phone and sat on my bed to text him and ask him what was he talking about, but then I realized that I also had a missed call from my cousin, who never calls! Then I got worried! I tried calling them both back but they didn’t answer and since I don’t have cable TV to check the news I had no idea what was I supposed to look for! I had to wait. He finally called and said: “Our Aunt’s building collapsed last night”. I went straight into shock, then in denial, and then I saw the news… IT IS TRUE!

My aunt Mercedes “Mercy” Urgelles and my Uncle Raymond “Ray” Urgelles are among the unaccounted people from the #surfsidebuildingcollapse of the Champlain Towers North in the Miami Beach Area. As I am writing this Blog today, they haven’t been found yet. I am saddened, anxious, shocked, and as more time passes, the more I am fearing the worse. I am also concerned for the emotional well-being of my cousins Jenny and Danny Urgelles. I cannot imagine what they are feeling right now. It is an overwhelming avalanche of feelings that are difficult to put into words for me, I cannot even imagine being inside their minds. It honestly breaks my heart.

Life has these “surprises” that aren’t at all pleasant. Life changes in seconds. We are never prepared for news like these. EVER!

I want to dedicate today’s Blog to my aunt, uncle, and my cousins. I carry you very close to my heart. I also want to dedicate it to all the other victims of this terrible tragedy. Even if it sounds like a cliché, we need to hug our loved ones tighter every day from now on. We need to tell them how much we love them every time we have the chance to. We need SHOW our love. We need to be more forgiving. We need to accept each other more and be less judgmental. We need to just love and let love be. Because we never know when the last time is going to be.

Awful and unexpected things happen in life. Things that we never think would happen to us. We think we are exempt, but we are NOT… They CAN happen.

I pray for the victims of this tragedy for them to find peace inside this painful moment.

I pray for emotional healing during this difficult time.

I pray for my family and for yours.



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